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Chi Sau

Welcome to our Chi Sau Sections page. To continue learning in your own time here are a set of training videos demonstrating the openings of the 7 Chi Sau sections; they also complement techniques used in our Zoom Live classes. We will be keeping this page updated with further training videos showing the 7 Chi Sau sections in full and when used in some practical application scenarios.

We recommend that you watch one video of a section and then practice a few times in the air until you are confident before moving onto another one. It’s tempting to watch as many as you can to get as much information in a short space of time. It’s important to keep in your mind that PERSEVERANCE and repetitive PRACTICE is key.

Chi sau section openings - solo drills

Chi Sau Section 1 – Opening

Chi Sau Section 2 – Opening

Chi Sau Section 3 – Opening

Chi Sau Section 4 – Opening

Chi Sau Section 5 – Opening

Chi Sau Section 6 – Opening

Chi Sau Section 7 – Opening

Chi sau section openings - partner work

Chi Sau Section 1

Chi Sau Section 2

Chi Sau Section 3

Video Coming Soon Graphic

Chi Sau Section 4

Chi Sau Section 5

Video Coming Soon Graphic

Chi Sau Section 6

Video Coming Soon Graphic

Chi Sau Section 7

Chi sau sections in full - partner work

We are currently recording the 7 Chi Sau sections training videos in full. They will be demonstrated as we train them in class. They will appear here when we’ve finished recording and editing them. Watch this space!

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