John Tomlin

Head Instructor

John Tomlin is the Head Instructor at Kung Fu Schools Hastings. John has developed his martial arts training for over 20 years in various martial arts but has settled in Wing Chun Kung Fu now for nearly 10 years. John has competed in various national and regional Karate tournaments in the past but can now be found teaching children and adults the physical techniques as well as the overall benefits that Wing Chun Kung Fu can give a student. He also has great experience in working with and teaching students with learning difficulties. John is a great Dad and he really enjoys having fun in all lessons while he's teaching, he's an engaging and captivating instructor.


Samantha Hallam


Samantha has been with Kung Fu Schools Hastings as a student for almost 6 years, she's also worked her way up from being an assistant instructor to being a fully qualified instructor to the children and adults at the school. Sam really enjoys teaching the children and making the classes fun, engaging and animated. Sam also handles admin so that she can keep members updated with all the school news and events, designs for social media, advertising and website management. She assists John with adult classes as well as continuing to learn and study for her own personal progression in her Wing Chun training. Sam has been training in martial arts for nearly 8 years, enjoying Muay Thai at first but for many years enjoys full commitment to learning and teaching Wing Chun. She's also a Mum and a very compassionate instructor.