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Junior Warriors

Our Junior Warrior classes are aimed at children aged from 8 to 12 years old. As they are more mature than the younger students, we include a broader range of skills. As well as focusing on our Kung Fu forms we also develop basic self-defence techniques, with partner work and solo drills, plus an introduction to various weapons. The importance of building self-confidence, encouragement for classmates whilst keeping a high level of enjoyment in the classes is always considered. We also introduce and maintain skills for success in martial arts and in life including the importance of courtesy, respect and the value of hard work and concentration.

The syllabus is delivered to progressively build skills from week to week. The aim is to develop an understanding of what it means to be a martial artist rather than just being able to deliver a series of techniques. This sets the students up with a skillset for life that can be carried through to adulthood.