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Chinese New Year 2021

Enjoy some creative activities with your children and have fun learning about Chinese traditions and culture with Kung Fu Schools Hastings! Year of the ox! The Ox is the second animal of the traditional Chinese Zodiac. According to Chinese myth, the order of the animals was decided upon by the Jade Emperor who invited them


Kung Fu Christmas Trees!

Happy Christmas from Kung Fu Schools HastingsWe hope you all enjoy a safe and wonderful Christmas and New Year! With best wishes, from Sam and John.Kung Fu Christmas TreesThank you to all students and families for sending us photos of their Christmas trees so that we may share them and spread some Christmas Joy!Instead of


Healthy Food To Improve Your Sleep

Getting A Good Night’s Sleep Is So Important For Your Well-Being When we miss out on a good block of nourishing sleep it inevitably impacts on the next day, disrupting and decreasing our focus, energy, productivity, emotional balance and so I’ve been reading in my ‘go-to’ health books and websites – it can even affect


Kung Fu Creative Activities

Here are some fun and creative activities to do at home! Would you like to learn how to write Wing Chun using Chinese Calligraphy? Below I’ve recorded a┬ávideo showing you how to write the style of Kung Fu that we train in class in the traditional Chinese way. It will take some practice to get


Is Wing Chun Kung Fu effective?

Where does Wing Chun come from? Wing Chun is a traditional southern Chinese style of Kung Fu that historians agree was developed around 300 years ago. There have been many different accounts and explanations of where Wing Chun Kung Fu originated, but according to legend the most documented is that it was a martial arts

stir fry dinner

Tasty Chicken Stir Fry

Chicken Stir FryThis is a delicious recipe that Lewis and I cooked yesterday! We enjoy cooking various meals and baking together so check back for updatesEnjoy Preparing A Tasty Meal TogetherLewis and I loved making this Chicken Stir Fry. Chatting, swapping ideas and enjoying quality time.Have Fun Cooking At HomeEnjoy making this tasty and easy