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Welcome To Our New Website!

Welcome to Kung Fu Schools Hastings…

Hi everyone and thank you for visiting our new fully interactive website. From here you will be able to find out more information about our classes for children and adults. You can also book your free trial lessons and begin to learn this incredibly rewarding martial art that is Wing Chun Kung Fu. You can also find out more details about each class, our teaching methods, the benefits of learning and information about the instructors and their experience.

During the lockdown we as parents and instructors felt it was vital for people to keep physically active at home and stay in contact with one another. Now that we are back in our physical classes at Horntye Park Sports Centre we decided to keep the flexibility of weekly online Zoom classes as well as teaching in person on socially distanced spots in the classroom. We will also continue with the Facebook Lives to ‘catch-up-and-connect’ and to answer any questions about the school, class times, etc. with students and their families. As well as school info and news updates we also share fun activities on our Facebook page for kids and families to enjoy.

If you are a member there is also an extensive collection of training videos to continue the progressive syllabus that leads to the next grade level. These include warm up exercises, syllabus techniques, solo training drills, forms and more. Also included is various learning materials, kids fun activities and helpful resources.

If you aren’t a Kung Fu Schools Hastings member yet you could book a free trial and see if you like the techniques and exercises that we train.

It really is a great time to learn Wing Chun Kung Fu, the health benefits can filter into your every day life, e.g. training can improve your physical fitness, self-confidence, co-ordination, self-discipline, focus and mental health, it can relieve stress and reduce anxiety. 

All classes are focused and delivered in a fun, family orientated, friendly setting.

We look forward to meeting you soon.
From the team at Kung Fu Schools Hastings.

Here’s how our students and their families feel about us and our school.