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Nunchuks Training

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Welcome to our NEW nunchuks section! Here are some of our easy-to-follow tutorials for nunchuks training to get you started. We will be updating and adding more tutorials to this section regularly and for students who have nunchuks we will be working some of this material in our classes depending on age and student level. As with all weapons training PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PLENTY OF SPACE FIRST. Your safety and the safety of other family members and pets is crucial, nunchuks are dangerous weapons.

Nunchuks were used historically in Chinese martial arts, in Philippine martials arts (using similar strikes and movement to Escrima training) and in Japanese martial arts. Traditionally they are made up of two sticks roughly the length of the forearm and they are connected either by rope, string or a chain. They can be used for striking, locking and trapping to disarm and immobilize an opponent. Good posture and focus is vitally important while students train with nunchuks otherwise the student is likely to hit themselves because of the continuous movement, so practice slowly.

Freestyle Nunchaku is a growing performance art too so rather than using the nunchuks as a weapon you can also use them to demonstrate their movements more as a visual tool. Training with nunchuks in this way can help to improve reactions, reflexes and hand control/dexterity.

We always advise that you warm up first, then practice a technique a number of times before moving onto another one, especially nunchuks. Please keep in mind that PERSEVERANCE and REPETITIVE PRACTICE┬áis key. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and expect to perfect techniques straight away, this is unrealistic. It is only with regular practice that you will improve. You will also drop them frequently but this is all part of learning. Have fun and if you have any questions about any of the nunchuk techniques shown in this section please get in touch with us.

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Nunchuk Basics – Warm up, shapes, focused circling and catching

Nunchuk Basics – Switching sides from left to right hand grip (in front)

Nunchuks – Circling, Trapping and Striking (Add footwork when confident)

Nunchuk Flow Drill

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