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Workouts and Training Drills

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Welcome to our Workouts and Training Drills page, here you’ll find a selection of full body workouts developing cardio and core stability, centre of balance and shifting weight distribution; combining upper body training drills, leg strengthening for Wing Chun kicks and lower body strengthening. All training videos are aimed at working the whole body and mind, focusing on good posture and breath, calming the mind to aid balance and coordination. Our videos are for kids and adults to help you stay active and maintain your physical fitness at home. We recommend that you try one or two and if you can do one a day – great – or if you can’t just try to do what you can. Regular exercise can help to reduce stress and anxiety and keep you fit and healthy.

Please remember to warm up properly and cool down afterwards. Keep a drink close by and make sure that you have plenty of space around you to do the exercises. We will regularly update these exercises, some specific to children to have fun exercising, hopefully parents will join in the fun, others will be more for adults including more challenging exercises and stretching.

All workouts and training drills complement the online lesson content.

Kids Class Warm Up

Kids Fun Workout

Kids And Adult Follow Along Workout

Punch Drill x 3 Reps

Punch Drill And Pivot Step

Yap Gerk / Bong Gerk Kick Drill

Leg Strengthening – Knee Raises

Leg Strengthening – Knees Raise To Side

Leg Strengthening – Extensions

Warrior Lunges

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