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Escrima Training

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This is a collection of the national martial art of the Philippines called Escrima/Eskrima (Fencing) training videos is so that students can use them to continue practising at home. The videos complement the techniques covered in our weekly classes and we will endeavour to update this section with future tutorial videos. We have recorded many techniques as solo drills as well as showing them with a partner to demonstrate their practical applications. We always advise that you warm up first, then practice a technique a number of times before moving onto another one. Please make sure while you are training/practising at home that you have plenty of space around you for safety.

Please keep in mind that PERSEVERANCE and REPETITIVE PRACTICE is key. If you have any questions about this training or you are finding it difficult to follow, then please get in touch with us; we are here to help you progress not to put you under pressure. Have fun!


Escrima Warm Up

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5 Strikes Training Drill

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10 Strikes Training Drill

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12 Strikes Training Drill – Emphasis on Body Movement, Wrists and Angles

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Double Stick Training – Developing Independent Hands

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Escrima Stick Spinning – Body Movement, Footwork and Co-ordination

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Strike Zones – 5, 7 and 10 Flow Drills

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7 Strikes Training Drill

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10 Strikes Training Drill – Alternative Strikes and Blocks

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Heaven and Earth Drill – 1 Stick Chambered/1 Stick Strikes

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Double Stick Training – Developing Co-ordination

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